A Juggernaut of Fashion Presentations, "Fashion On The Hudson"

A Juggernaut of Fashion Presentations, “Fashion on the Hudson” 

Without question, the largest fashion runway production on the eastern seaboard is Fashion Avenue News Magazine’sFashion on the Hudson”,which takes place every July, at the Riverbank State Park, NYC. What makes this production stand out, more so than others, besides the mere magnitude of it, is showrunner Sofia Davis, whom is also the chief executive publisher of Fashion Avenue News Magazine, and it’s many successful spinoff fashion publications. At first glance, one can see that Ms. Davis runs a very tight ship, staffed with assistants that oversee each facet of the production, from corralling mua’s, to the intricate process of managing the over 100 models that will walk the runway. Like a hands-on field general, she swoops in, checks on what’s needed within a particular area, then shes off to the next. Her mantra, “We will start on time", is not folly,..The shows are notoriously on time, due to her diligence and delegation. (..it’s a marvel to watch) This is a free,..(yes, I said free) event, which in its noble principle and cause, gives the emerging and up and coming fashion designers a grand platform to show the public their creations, a process that can be costly and far reaching the traditional route. Since 1997 Ms.Davis has produced these shows and has given life to many emerging fashion creators in the region and abroad. Known as the “Queen Mother of Fashion", and the “Black Anna Wintour", her mark on the industry is undeniable, and looms large, just as large as her signature designed“Bling" sunglasses, which you’ll never see her without. RunwayImagery was at this years production,..Bravo.

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